David Humphreys TAMKO


Since becoming President and CEO of TAMKO Building Products in 1994, David Humphreys has led the company during the introduction of many new and innovative products and programs.

New Products

A variety of new products were introduced under David Humphrey’s leadership. TAMKO diversified its product lines and expanded to include: cements and coatings; EverGrain and Envision composite decking; Heritage Vintage laminated shingles; MetalWorks steel shingles; polyester mat; peel-n-stick felt; Tam-Rail tri-layer railing; waterproofing; Marquee composite railing; and a variety of roof vents.

Innovative Programs

David Humphreys integrated anti-tampering and automation, Six Sigma, and vertical integration into TAMKO’s operations.

  • Anti-tampering and automation: David Humphreys implemented anti-tampering and automation companywide to reduce variation and bring uniformity to the company’s processes. Anti-tampering reduces human interference in an automated process.
  • Six Sigma: Six Sigma solidified TAMKO’s attention to quality by instituting increased measurement and accountability and provided a methodology to identify the root cause of variation and create a plan to address it.
  • Vertical Integration: Vertical integration practices were implemented by David’s predecessors, but he took them a step further. He expanded the company’s production of dry felt and glass mat, introduced limestone crushing and asphalt processing plants, and invested in polyester mat production. Additionally, he started a joint venture to produce glass fiber.

To learn more about David Humphreys and TAMKO Building Products, visit www.tamko.com/AboutUs.